Particularly popular in Asia, Baccarat is an undisputed hit with many online gambling enthusiasts. With its unique rules and principles, this entertainment game allows some players to pocket astronomical profits every day. Would you like to discover this unmissable game and try your luck at our Swiss online casino Pasino? This guide will guide you through your first few games!

Baccarat – a particularly accessible and exciting game

As it grows in popularity every year, Baccarat has become a true reference for many online gambling enthusiasts. There are several reasons for this growing interest.

First of all (and contrary to some preconceived ideas), Baccarat online or from a land-based casino evokes particularly accessible rules of the game. Indeed, a few brief explanations allow you to quickly assimilate the mechanisms related to this card game. However, mechanisms that are accessible to everyone do not mean that the game is not enjoyable… Quite the contrary!

Every day, Baccarat brings together many players, where every decision taken may or may not result in attractive winnings. In other words, if chance is the main factor in the distribution of cards, your initiative will also be decisive in winning the bet!

Unique game mechanics

Unlike other card games (such as Poker or Blackjack), in Baccarat you don’t bet on your own success… but on the success of the dealer or another player. This principle may seem complex at first. However, this unique baccarat rule is much more accessible than it seems!

As a participant, you position yourself as a bettor against 2 opponents:

  • The dealer (also called the “house” or “bank”)
  • The player (designated before the start of each game)

What is the main objective?

Forget the complex rules of Poker, Baccarat offers you a game principle as simple as it is exciting: accumulate the value of 2 cards (or more) in order to get as close as possible to 9 points (the ideal score). As a bettor, you can bet on the dealer’s victory, the player’s victory, or a perfect tie. In short, no matter how good you are at online gambling, your first few games of Baccarat will be a breeze!

How are the points scored?

The scoring is done according to the value of the cards dealt. Don’t worry, there are no complex combinations in Baccarat. This table will help you to understand these values in a few moments.

Should I consider the suit of the cards?

Once again, baccarat offers a simplified system of play. Unsurprisingly, the suit of the cards is not taken into account when scoring. So whether the result is hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds, the outcome of a game is not affected.

What happens when a result is higher than 10 points?

Depending on the situation, the cards dealt to the bank or the player may exceed 10 points. Here is a concrete example:

  • The player (or dealer) is dealt 2 cards: an 8 and a 5.
  • After a logical addition, the result is 13 points.
  • The ten digit is removed when counting these values, so the result is 3 points.
  • Obviously, this system of play also applies to each result higher than 10 points.

In which cases are the new distributions made?

Depending on the result, the Banker or the player can ask for a new card to be dealt. The participants can try to get closer to the “ideal score” of 9 points… At the risk of exceeding 10 points and ending the game with a low result. As you can see, accepting or not accepting the distribution of a new card can considerably affect the outcome of a game.

However, the player and the bank cannot ask for a new deal when:

  • The player gets a result higher than 5 points
  • The Banker scores more than 7 points

How does a game of Baccarat work?


Step 1: Designation of the player

At the beginning of each game of online baccarat, the banker’s bet is made. The participants can then decide to bet the whole amount offered by the dealer (Banco) or a part of it, depending on the victory of one of the two players. The Internet user who has confirmed the largest amount will be designated as the player (or “ponte”) of the game.

2nd step: the distribution of the cards

The distribution of the cards is carried out following the designation of the bridge. This step is quick and follows a precise order in which the cards are dealt:

  • The first card is distributed to the player
  • The second card is given to the bank

The 3rd card is given to the player

Finally, the 4th card is dealt to the bank to complete this step
3rd step: possible redistributions
Depending on the outcome of the dealer’s and the player’s hand and the strategies applied, a third card will be dealt.

Last step: the designation of the winner

Finally, the results are tallied by the dealer where the winner is confirmed. In case of a win, the bets won are automatically awarded to the participants.

What can players win?

The value of the winnings in the event of a win in online baccarat is determined by your bets. This table will provide you with all the information on this subject.

If you want to know more about winnings and probabilities in online baccarat, please visit our “Baccarat Rules” section (accessible from our FAQ).

Is it possible to play baccarat from a demo version?

Some online casino games are offered as demo versions in order to allow players to gradually familiarize themselves with various mechanisms and principles. However, online baccarat requires a live casino system where demo versions are not available. This characteristic obviously evokes the need to gather several participants in order to define the outcome of a game.

What about online baccarat variants?

At you will find various variations of online baccarat (including Speed Baccarat and Controlled Squeeze Baccarat). These games offer some unique features, such as no commissions and deliberately accelerated games.

Our tips for beginner players


Avoid variations in your first games

While some of the variations are particularly relevant and exciting, we recommend that you start with the so-called “classic” live baccarat. This will allow you to gradually become familiar with the basic principles of this card game.

Keep your bets small

No matter how much money you buy for the first time, we can only advise you to limit the value of your bets. Otherwise, a few defeats could result in a negative and illegitimate experience.

Analyze the behavior of other participants

Playing live allows you to interact with other participants and analyze their behavior during the game. Feel free to observe every step and detail of a session to improve your knowledge!

Manage your expenses/gains responsibly prioritizes responsible gaming to ensure that every player has an optimal online experience. Whether it’s about spending money or winning money, it’s important to set limits for yourself. If you feel that your behavior is detrimental to your well-being, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.