One might get the impression that it is becoming harder and harder to protect one’s privacy in the online world every day. One of the most common problems with this is that your IP address can provide information about your location and identity as soon as you dial into the global network. Especially, when we talk about online casinos

This can be quite dangerous if you live in a repressive regime. At the very least, it isn’t very pleasant for people who just don’t see the need to share everything they do online with everyone. Good thing there are ways to hide your IP address permanently.

VPN Hidden IP

The easiest way to hide your IP is via a Virtual Private Network. VPN tools obscure your connection’s origin and emit a completely different IP (often freely selectable depending on the country or region). This can also be on the other side of the world, which is why VPN solutions are often used to bypass regional restrictions (such as those of streaming services such as Netflix).

In addition, Virtual Private Networks encrypt your traffic, providing an additional layer of security. The Opera browser already has an integrated VPN tunnel, and many free and paid solutions are available.

Anonymous in the network with proxy server

Similar to Virtual Private Networks, Proxy Servers also work. The user logs on to this server and “borrows” a new server for the online surf session. Proxy servers are also often used to circumvent regional content restrictions – but, like VPNs, they are useful to override censorship measures, especially in countries with “deep” web regulation.

Although the use of a proxy server to disguise the IP address is a common means, there is a higher risk here than with a reputable provider. When data is accessed via a proxy server, it is not encrypted – in contrast to the use of a VPN.

Hide IP address with the Tor Browser

Hardly any name is more synonymous with anonymity on the Internet than that of the Tor browser. For years, it has been the app of choice for anyone keen on not being spied online by governments, criminal hackers, or companies.

The Tor Browser is a free open source tool that redirects your connection to numerous nodes worldwide, not just disguising your IP address. This brings us to the significant disadvantage of using the gate: the speed. Or better yet, the lack of speed is caused by the different security layers.


Crypto is a term used to describe alternative or purely digital currencies based on encryption and a decentralized structure. Such cryptocurrencies have become the means of payment of choice, especially for cybercriminals.

The blockchain does not store IP addresses, allowing users to make all transactions anonymously.