Online Gambling Licenses

If you want to register in an online casino, you should always find out in advance which licensor the provider is licensed with. Various licenses impose many legal requirements on providers. These serve to protect users. The regulation includes laws against money laundering and terrorist financing, for example. But also, gambling addiction prevention, data protection regulations, timely payouts, and fair games are guaranteed.

 Which licensors are there and who is responsible for whom in which country?

There are several licensors worldwide and in the EU, which we would like to introduce to you in the following. All commissions have pretty much the same tasks. They are responsible for player protection. Depending on the country, laws apply differently to entrepreneurs. That’s why some rules are not as strict as elsewhere.

The most famous commission in Europe is the Malta Gaming Authority. Players are already familiar with these if they play in online provider casinos multiple times. If you register with a platform that has an MGA license, you can hardly do anything wrong. The top licensor knows what is appropriate, and that is why almost everyone in the industry trusts him.

 The following licensors are known, among others:

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • National Betting Authority
  • Curacao eGaming License
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Costa Rica Online Gambling License

 What points do the commissions check-in online casinos? What should you pay attention to?

Rules are the be-all and end-all online. Only those who comply with the regulations receive an entrepreneurial license and are allowed to keep it. If a casino fails a review, they won’t keep the approval much longer. Licensed casinos are therefore safe and trustworthy.

Every internet casino has to abide by specific rules so that the player enjoys a safe game. One of the most important is that the website is SSL encrypted. This is relevant so that no third parties can access sensitive data. After all, a lot of money flows back and forth. The operators must also inform platforms about the data protection guidelines and general terms and conditions.

In the Germany, for example, good bonus conditions must be posted online if there are bonus offers, such as free spins, no deposit bonus offers, bonuses with a deposit, etc. Another point is the issue of escrow accounts. The money you deposit as a user may not be used for other withdrawals. This remains in an escrow account until you gamble the money.

Fair play must also be given. That’s why there is the RTP and the Random Number Generator. The RTP = Payout Ratio, Return to Player determines what odds the game offers. For example, 96%. 96% of the time, the player gets their money back. But beware, this is no guarantee that you will win. These are long-term calculations, and nobody knows when a profit will come. The Random Number Generator is the random number generator. This ensures that the cards are revealed randomly, and the reels are brought to a standstill. The game developers may only change the RTP. Casinos do not have access to this. This shows how strictly the games are monitored. They cannot be manipulated, and that is a good thing. 

 Pay attention to the signs and only gamble on safe sites on the web

Before entering a casino operator’s website, you should check whether the site is SSL-encrypted. Even serious sites can have no protection in between, for example because the license has expired or because the site has been hacked.

That is why personal responsibility is required here. Look for the lock icon in the browser bar. If it says “Not sure”, please exit the page. The same applies if you already receive a warning in the browser that it is an unappreciated website. In order not to experience any disadvantages, you should stay away from the site. Wait for the error to be resolved so you don’t take any security risks.

What does the seal of approval mean, and what advantages does it bring?

Not only do the commissions monitor the online casinos, but independent testers also regularly check the platforms. For example, the eCOGRA. The more seals of approval an operator has, the better for the company. This means that it is safe.

Is there a way to submit complaints directly to the regulators?

Yes, you can submit your concerns directly to the licensors. That’s why they exist at all. In the event of hardship, your complaint will be answered and examined within a few days. To do this, you must fill out an e-mail in advance regarding the complaint provided on the website. You can find all the links to this in the sections for the individual commissions (e.g., MGA) above.

Player protection: This is how you can protect yourself as a player from gambling addiction

Addiction must not get out of hand. To prevent this, online casinos offer various measures. A reputable casino informs the player about preventive measures and advises if gambling addiction has already occurred.

Many offer the possibility in advance to set a limit in the customer profile to prevent the addiction, for example, a daily, weekly, or monthly limit. If it is not possible in the profile, you can clarify this directly with customer service. If you feel that you are already slipping into a gambling addiction or already in the middle, you will find helpful addresses on the pages you can turn to. It is also possible to have the online casino profile blocked. If you’re affected, don’t stick your head in the sand. Respond to them as soon as possible so that you can get the problem under control. Never gamble to pay off debts with the money or to comfort yourself in difficult times.